The PlayCraft


A 10 m long ship, on which children repair, tinker with, decorate and handle some of its components.  Here, children are encouraged to use their skills and creativity, but also to interact with others.

Building and repairing

At the back of the structure: the child screws or unscrews decorative parts using tools (screws, bolts, screwdrivers, spanners). The child can see for himself whether he has succeeded or not. At the front: in order to repair the vehicle's hull, the child opens or closes some areas by attaching and detaching different types of buttonholes.


They decorate the PlayCraft’s wheels with two digital drawing stations on which they can draw freely or select patterns, colors. Once their choice has been made, their sketch is projected as an enlarged image on the structure. This projection is interactive: when children pass by, the projected images move.

Operating the machines

An engine room inside the PlayCraft encourages children to interact with wheels, pulleys and gears in different ways: 

  • They activate the cranks: large and complex gear systems are set in motion. Chain reactions are produced through the action of children;
  • They freely handle small gears;
  • They play with the fans and sail located on the mast of the PlayCraft thanks to two pulley systems.

On the deck of the ship, with the wheel and two spyglasses, children become captains of the PlayCraft. In the cab underneath, they manipulate a large dashboard by adjusting their movement to the shape of the button. The dashboard lights up when a child has found the correct connection. With the periscope, they can see what's happening on the bridge.

Imagine - Drawing

Hands-on are arranged around the PlayCraft: children can discover the different stages of construction. They become familiar with planning and logical reasoning: 

  • the puzzle game of the plans raise awareness among young children to the design stages of the PlayCraft;
  • with the model of the PlayCraft, children get familiar with the change of scale;
  • on a digital hands-on, the children draw a stick figure and give him tools. Their drawing is animated on a small screen and leaves to live an adventure on a big screen with other children's drawings.