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Bon appetit, enjoy your meal ! (3:43)©EPPDCSI

Enjoy your meal!

Eating properly is not merely about watching the calories, staying slim or satisfying your hunger! It is first and foremost about sharing a moment of pleasure while staying healthy.

Bon appétit, enjoy your meal! wishes to answer the many questions that each of us asks ourselves, at a time when the “health” criterion tends to supplant taste and pleasure. Thus, by drawing on scientific knowledge and providing practical guidelines, the exhibition will give children and their parents the means to better understand the rules of good nutrition and its challenges.

Offbeat and fun museography presents food in a festive, fun and educational way.

The exhibition is organized around five themes:

1. Why do you eat?

What are the motivations for eating? As an introduction, this part helps visitors understand why they eat: pleasure, moods, conviviality, habit, health....

2. Feel-good food

In this part the visitor learns how to eat well through edutainment activities. He can thus balance physical activity and diet, understand the notion of pleasure and conviviality in the food act, make the link between screen and food balance or learn the importance of rhythms in meals.

3. Food survey

Restore meaning to what we eat by learning about different food families, comparing products with each other or discovering the organoleptic characteristics of foods.

4. No accounting for taste

To meet each other’s foods and habits through testimonies from people in their relationship with food but also through friendly games to discover the taste of others.

5. Responsible eating

This last part provides the visitor with keys to identify himself as a citizen consumer and enable him to become aware of the stakes of food.

  • Associating pleasure and taste with the act of eating

  • Giving key tips on how to identify yourself as a consumer citizen

  • Developing a critical mind towards food marketing, trends and media

  • Emphasizing the importance of balancing physical activity and eating habits
Some figures More than 800 000 visitors all around the world!

186 000 visitors at the Cité des sciences
228 000 visitors in Finland
200 000 visitors in Belgium
85 000 visitors in Italy
110 000 visitors in Norway
116 000 visitors in New York
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