Eating properly is a question of happiness, pleasure and, needless to say, health. Obtaining nourishment is a natural and major concern for all human beings.

The “Enjoy Your Meal” exhibition is open to all, featuring fun, offbeat displays – including a giant game of foosball transformed into a table set for dinner, a stadium where foods race against each other, a sensorial tasting session, and shopping carts that analyze consumers’ habits.

This exhibition covers 250 square meters and was inspired by a larger version of the same exhibition, presented at the Cité des Sciences in 2010. It is organized around a resource center that provides additional information to visitors, clarifying the exhibition themes.

The exhibition approaches five themes concerning food’s social, psychological, and biological aspects:

  • Why Do You Eat? What motivates you to eat?
  • Feel-Good Food: how to eat properly, with pleasure and balance.
  • Food Survey: giving meaning to what you eat.
  • No Accounting for Taste: rub shoulders with other cultures and their habits
  • Responsible Eating: learn about key food-related issues.

Some figures More than 800 000 visitors all around the world!

186 000 visitors at the Cité des sciences
228 000 visitors in Finland
200 000 visitors in Belgium
85 000 visitors in Italy
110 000 visitors in Norway
116 000 visitors in New York