Today, it is difficult to imagine what cinema would be like without special effects. Action, science fiction, animation or comedy:  the most popular and successful movies rely largely on special effects. However, do we really know what goes on behind the scenes? What is hiding behind the magic of these great movies?

The exhibition introduces visitors to the stages of conception and creation of special effects in cinema. At the entrance, visitors obtain a QR wristband, which allows them to record themselves as they move through the interactive displays. The exhibition consists of 5 parts:

The office: how are special effects brainstormed? From pre-production to storyboarding, the preparatory work.

The set: how are special effects created? Green-screen compositing, motion capture, make-up, staging, animation, and tricks…

The studio: what happens after shooting? Landscape, crowds, explosions, digital doubles, and invisible effects…The possibilities of modifying images are endless!

The movie theater: do special effects change the way the audience watches cinema? What role do they play today? What is the future of cinema screenings?

Trailers: using their QR wristbands, visitors create their own trailers with recordings made during their visit.


Exhibition designed in co-production with the CNC 

Some figures 2017 – 2018 Paris, Cité des sciences et de l’industrie : 482 000 visitors
2018 - 2019 
Bordeaux, Cap Sciences :