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Why and how do we transform cities? How does this change our lifestyle?

How can we improve life in cities? Energy resources, climate, demographic growth and new uses...
The city of tomorrow is at the heart of global issues. It must adapt to changes in society.Though there are many possible initiatives that could ameliorate our cities, one concept prevails: sharing. 
“Thinking city” is no longer the responsibility of specialists, but something that concerns all city dwellers as they make everyday choices

Cities under pressure

explores the complexity of urban systems: constant population growth, shared living spaces, digitalization, traffic, infrastructures and environment. A special hands-on exhibit questions visitors on their own urban practices, and the responses contribute to enriching the exhibition in real time.

Urban Earth

is an immersive audiovisual show. This trip around the planet analyses data coming from London, Sydney, Tokyo, New York, Shanghai, Dubai, Cairo, São Paulo... (This show won the Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards 2016).

Urban futures

presents a global overview of initiatives and innovations developed by representatives, manufacturers, urban planners and citizens to respond to the challenge of urbanization. The goal of these projects? To open up the city, to improve the environment, and to secure, sustain, and share the wonders of urban life.



The exhibition was designed in collaboration with the Singapore Science Centre 

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