The Voice, the exhibition that talks to you! (3:40) ©EPPDCSI

This exhibition on the human voice brings together the creativity of the scientist, the imagination of the artist, and the technological innovation of the engineer. Visitors can play with their own voice, testing, transforming, and understanding its mechanisms. They can also exercise their capacity to listen, by identifying voices, and experimenting with voice-processing technologies.

Situated at the crossroads of art, science and technology, this fun exhibition provides visitors with a chance to rediscover the human voice.

The exhibition covers three topics:

In “Body and Voice,” visitors participate in a studious, individual process. They learn about the physiological mechanisms of the voice.

“Expression and Voice” showcases conversation and sound dynamics in groups.  Visitors have access to recording booths that enable exchanges with other visitors.

In “Art and Voice,” visitors are put in the spotlight, either as stars or as spectators, and find themselves in unique situations. Visitors play with emotions and the world of live performance.

Some figures 2018 MuPop, Montluçon, France : 18 242 visitors
2017 Les Clévos, Etoile sur Rhône, France : 5 010 visitors
2016 Communications Museum, Macao : 
2015 Espace des sciences, Rennes, France : 36 000 visitors
2015 CC Evry 2, France : 25 281 visitors
2014 Cité des sciences et de l'industrie, Paris, France : 221 000 visitors
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