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Why support our projects?

  • You are aware of the social responsibilities of your company and would like to be involved in a project of general interest
  • You wish to highlight the expertise of your company and make your work known to the general public
  • Your company is engaged in support for cultural and educational projects which support accessibility and/or are related to science and technology
  • You would like your company to be involved in innovative projects
  • You would like to support the Palais de la découverte and/or the Cité des sciences et de l'industrie with a specific project
  • All while benefiting from tax breaks.

How can you support our projects?

Apart from financial support, you can also provide skills or make in-kind donations. Your support can take the form of donations, sponsorship or joint projects.

Receiving tax reductions

Making a donation to the Cité and the Palais means you can benefit from tax reductions.
Article 238 of the general tax code sets out a tax reduction rate equivalent to 60 % of the donation amount, up to a limit of 0.5 % of turnover before tax, for companies subject to income tax or corporation tax.
Sponsorship is considered a gift for tax purposes, and is therefore not subject to VAT.
Any payments not declared by the company in the corresponding fiscal year, due to the limit of 0.5 % of turnover before tax, can be carried over to the following year.
In order to benefit from these tax breaks, your company will be provided with a donation receipt (CERFA 11 580.03)



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