Edged on

How risk shapes and challenges us
Edged on (2:50)©EPPDCSI

For visitors ages 10 and up, “Edged on” offers a series of exhibits that familiarize them with the concept of “risk.” The aim is to foster a better understanding of risk, introducing visitors to the idea of sensible risk-taking.

Through twenty-four interactive demonstrations, visitors learn how to calculate risks, to perform self-evaluations on risk aversion, and to recognize how society responds to danger and threat. A “light” version of the exhibit, with fifteen demonstrations, is also available.

The exhibition is divided into three distinct parts:


Responsible risk-taking requires accurate risk evaluation. This first part of the exhibition presents visitors with basic concepts like the law of large numbers (a mathematical formula for calculating risks) and the three categories of risk—an ideal way to familiarize the visitor with the subject.


Risk assessment depends on the individual’s values and character. However, two universal guidelines do exist. In order to minimize the danger of risk-taking, one must learn to “back off” at the right time when involved in a risky endeavor. One must also learn to resist the temptation to seek control over a situation. 


The focus here is on risks taken both by smaller groups and by society as a whole. Visitors might be asked to become a member of a bomb diffusion squad or an executive at an urgent business meeting; forced to respond to a crisis, they learn just how crucial collaborative decision making and risk assessment are. This final section of the exhibition highlights the mechanisms that govern collaborative risk-taking.

The exhibition was coproduced with the Finnish Science Centre – Heureka (Finland), the Pavilhão do Conhecimento – Ciência Viva (Portugal), and with support from the Maif.

  • Practice facing our fears by walking on a tightrope like a tightrope walker!

  • Discover if we are brave risk takers and reflect on our own perception of risk!

  • Learn the emergency procedure of trying to defusing a bomb
Some figures 2014 - 2015 - Paris, Cité des sciences et de l'industrie : 269 000 visitors
2015 - 2016 - Finland, Heureka : 203 082 visitors
2017 - Portugal, Pavilhao do Conhecimento : 194 012 visitors
2018 - Israël, Bloomfield Science Museum : 106 142 visitors