Pasteur, the experimenter (3:43)©EPPDCSI

Understand the logic of discoveries and measure the scope of Pasteur's inventions, both scholarly and innovative.


Louis Pasteur (1822-1895) is one of the heroes of history. For a French scientist, his international reputation is almost unparalleled. Following exhibits on Leonardo da Vinci and Charles Darwin, Universcience continues its dedication to the cultural history of science and technology,with the Pasteur exhibit.

Physics and chemistry, biology and microbiology, agri-food, animal and human health... Pasteur has accompanied the movement to modernize the Century of Wonders. Along with others, he has opened the doors to a microscopic world, populated by the best and the worst. He has created new disciplines, programs and research methods.

The interactive exhibition will inform the visitor about Pasteur's career path, his numerous fields of research, his talent as an experimenter, but will also reveal his relationship with art, techniques and industry.

For Pasteur is an innovator as much as he is a scholar. This narrative, renewed in the light of recent scientific and technical advances, will also present the facts and the protagonists who have remained in the shadows. To approach such a figure will be an opportunity to understand how science is done, and why this scientist has become, in France and elsewhere, a myth and the equal of a Victor Hugo.