Playhuts - the movie (3:04)© EPPDCSI

Let's get imaginative and curious!

Playhuts is a fun and surprising exhibition designed especially for young children from 2 to 10 years old. They can explore unusual playhuts and express their creativity by building their own playhuts. About twenty original huts are on display, offering children a range of contemplative, active and participatory experiences.

Playhuts to explore

Children have multi-sensory experiences inside unusual huts. Wacky or artistic, they contain surprises waiting to be discovered and become a haven, a hideaway - alone or with others, a shelter that is perfect for dreaming... In these huts, they adapt their posture, discover techniques or handle material.

Huts to be invented

One of the pleasures of the hut is its construction. Building, creating, assembling and ensuring that it holds together with what you can fin nearby... Children participate and continuously improve the exhibition.

Here we build huts with materials from everyday life: fabrics, pieces of wood, pool noodles, cushions... Anything is possible! The goal? Express your creativity, alone and in groups. Everyone assembles the materials available according to the mood of the moments: small and large huts, with or without parents.

  • Discover an invisible hut
  • Learn to make different knots
  • Hide alone or with others under an origami hut