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Strategic plan 2021-2025

Since its inception in 2010, Universcience has strived to promote scientific, technological andindustrial culture to all audiences, by devising an offering that is both unique and accessible, for newcomers and insiders alike. With our eyes open to the world around us and with the keen awareness of the diversity that is part of our DNA, Universcience showcases science and technology in motion, giving a voice to those who are working in these fields. Standing strong behind our values of openness, inclusiveness and innovation, the institution plans to continue in this direction for 2021-2025, so that we can play our part in exploring what the future might look like and lead debates on the key issues of our time. The Strategic Plan for 2021-2025 falls within the scope of the continuation of the 2016-2020 plan, the objectives of which were for the most part either met or exceeded. This plan represents a roadmap for Universcience for 2021-2025.


Universcience unveils its new Critical Thinking Barometer

In an era characterised by information overload and misinformation – with fake news, conspiracy theories and false scientific and medical information abounding, not to mention the propensity of the internet to distort information – where do French people stand on the issue of critical thinking, namely the ability to filter and evaluate the reliability of the information available to them, form their own opinions, question their convictions and ultimately exercise independent thought? This is the question that the Critical Thinking Barometer, which Universcience is launching in partnership with France Info and La Croix, has been created to answer.

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Universcience chairman and CEO, Bruno Maquart, has been elected President of Escite, the 1st european network of science centres and museums and other science engagement organisations 

Bruno Maquart, chairman and CEO of Universcience, the French public institution comprising two science centers in Paris, Palais de la découverte and Cité des sciences et de l’industrie, was elected President of Ecsite
by the organisation’s Annual General Assembly on 7 May 2021. As a member of Ecsite Board since 2017 and Ecsite Vice-President since 2020, Bruno Maquart succeeds Herbert Münder, Director of Universum® Bremen (Germany), as president for a two-year mandate.


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