Universcience: a meaning factory

Universcience is the first French public institution for the dissemination of scientific, technical and industrial culture. Universcience brings together the Cité des sciences et de l' industrie and the Palais de la découverte.

Its mission is to make science accessible to all. Specialized in the living transmission of knowledge and the deciphering of contemporary issues, Universcience proposes to its audiences to approach science through discovery, questioning and experimentation through:

• temporary or permanent exhibitions, conceived in close connection with the educational, scientific and industrial community;
• spaces dedicated to children;
• places of resources and experimentation of innovative digital tools (Fab Lab & Living labs), conferences and editions;
• cultural engineering.

Universcience shares its expertise in France and abroad with the aim of promoting scientific and technical culture.

The values of openness, universality and innovation determine the actions of the institution. Open to the world and its challenges, Universcience is open to everyone and deals with science in all its different dimensions in a universal language that appeals to human mediation, digital and artistic creation.

Our team

3 units - sales, logistics and marketing - work closely together to offer solutions that best fit to your needs.

To help you realize your project, Universcience calls on an experienced team: museographers, engineers, export project and logistics experts, boasting multiple and complementary skills.