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2020-2021 Season Overview

In  France  and  throughout  the  world,  the  unprecedented  health  crisis  that  we  are  living  reminds  us  of  the  significant  place  of science in our societies. The review of the isolation and the reopening of our two sites demonstrates, if such evidence were necessary, the interest for the public of scientific questions. In this context, the season 2020-2021 presented by Universcience will take particular colors.

From September, the season will start with two new exhibitions :
Bio-inspired, another approach (Bio-inspirée, une autre approche) which presents a permanent itinerary on biomimetics and life in order to respond to the environmental issues. The Biolab, a new permanent live presentation area within this exhibition, is dedicated to exchanges and experiments on the environment and microscopic organisms.
XXHL, giga towers and mega bridges (XXHL, giga tours et méga ponts), a spectacular temporary exhibition takes a look behind the scenes of this “outstanding” architecture.  As seen from engineering science’ prism, this immersive and digital exhibition addresses the challenges of gigantic construction.   

On December, Jeans, dedicated to the most iconic clothing item in the world, will reveal to our visitors the industrial, economic, human and ecological issues of denim. On May 2021, Renaissances will present a path between fiction and reflection around the question of survival and possible worlds after a collapse.

Throughout the year, the program of Festicités of the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie presents events that inspire curiosity. On  September,  the  City  of  senses :  the  smell  (Cité  des  sens  :  l’odorat)  will  be  an  olfactory  journey  on-site  and  online.  Botanica, organized as part of the Africa 2020 Season is a new festival dedicated to plants. As for the 3rd edition of the City of adventurers (Cité des aventuriers) there will be two days of discovery of the most unusual and audacious trips.

Children from 2 to 7 will (re) discover Opposites (Contraires), specially conceived in to develop their observational and analytical skills. As for babies from 0 to 2, they will explore the lab of the City of Babies (lab de la Cité des bébés) until December 2020. This free space, plastic-free and screen-free, is centered on the baby’s sensorimotor development and well-being.

Closing for renovations at the end of 2020, the Palais de la découverte will pursue its mission for scientific outreach along three axes:  within  the  ephemeral  structure  Les  Étincelles,  with  the  travelling  exhibition  Critical  Thinking  (Esprit  critique)  and  online  with The Palais on the Web (Le Palais sur la toile).

Bruno Maquart, Chairman and CEO of Univers