Presentation at the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie from April 2023 to January 2025


A subject addressed for the first time in a science exhibition for children

Following Opposites, Play huts, and Fragiles!, Metamorphoses is extending our range of exhibitions for young children from 2 to 11YO, even though this one targets the 6-11YO.  It is translated into Spanish and English.

Metamorphoses is the fourth part of the editorial line “Young and curious / Elementary science for children” dedicated to children aged six and up.

Scientifics, philosophers, writers, and artists looked into the subject, each one with their sensibility and having discovered what is behind Lavoisier’s words:” nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything is transformed ”.

We live in a world that is constantly transforming. Changes can be slow or brutal. They can impose themselves on us or even come from us. In this context, an exhibition on the topic of metamorphoses allows accompanying the young public to their questioning, their fears, which are born from the transformations they are facing, and shows them that these variations also open new perspectives.

Metamorphoses opens the doors to a playful and enchanting universe. Through the dialogue between science and imagination, the exhibition explores different facets of metamorphoses and transformations. These phenomena can arouse both fascination and apprehension. Growing, developing, evolving, changing... Metamorphoses and transformations, whether natural, marvelous or personal, touch and challenge us.

The exhibition introduces the beginnings of the scientific process, encouraging children to observe, wonder and question, while stimulating the imagination of young and old alike.

It is divided into five areas: The Amazing Forest, Mirror, Mirror on the wall, The World of Shadows, A Thousand and One Eyes, and The Funfair. The scenography, deliberately evocative and non-figurative, plunges visitors into singular immersive worlds. It is accompanied by an embodied discourse: it is the metamorphosis, personified, which addresses the children, which challenges them. The course is free, intuitive, the child passes from one universe to another according to his desires.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall: In this part of the exhibition, you will learn to discover your body and your feelings but still change over time.

The World of Shadows: Plunge into the darkness and control your own shadow with accessories at your disposition in order to transform your silhouette.

A Thousand and One Eyes: Things are not always what they seem… Or is it the way that you see them?

The Funfair: In this final part of the exhibition, you will take part in the transformation of other materials.

The Amazing Forest: In this area, you will be a spectator of life’s metamorphosis through nature and its habitants! [This part of the exhibition is NOT part of the travelling option.]

  • An exhibition that brings science and imagination together.

  • A content that introduces the beginnings of the scientific process.

  • A voluntarily evocative rather than figurative, colorful and joyful scenography that appeals to the marvelous.

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