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Dive into the sporting experience!

What happens in our bodies and heads when we play sports? The visitor is immersed in the sporting experience here! You can challenge yourself, measure yourself, compare yourself, evaluate your physical, technical or tactical performances as well as your concentration, balance or coordination in sports workshops that cover different disciplines such as football, biathlon or tennis. You can obtain data on sport performance and its links to science, its impact on health... in a multi-sensory environment.

The exhibition presents all the scientific information to understand what is happening, in your body and in your head, whether you are a top-level athlete or an amateur athlete. It addresses sports activity as a scientific, political, social and media phenomenon, in its positive aspects as well as in its excesses.

So, ready to turn your visitors into champions?

The exhibition, organized in two main parts, offers a series of activities designed to combine sensations and information.

sports workshops

The first part is a multi-sensory interactive area, where visitors engage their minds and bodies. At each workshop, exercises combined with multimedia installations offer the public the opportunity to test their reactivity, balance, endurance, precision or coordination. Scientific explanations reveal the links between muscular, neurophysiological capacities and performance. Visitors can get physically involved by performing a simple technical gesture to compare it with those of experienced athletes.

sport today

The second part of the exhibition is deliberately reflective and analytical. It addresses sport as a social phenomenon. Since the beginning of the 20th century, competitions have continued to multiply and have become more and more popular, following the example of the Olympic Games.

The cult dedicated to speed, energy, performance but also to the beauty of the body interests scientists. Various audio-visual and multimedia help to understand the general mechanisms of the moving body, the notions of surpassing yourself or the competitive spirit.

  • Measure the effort and power of your impulse during a jump

  • Train to dribble in soccer in a short amount of time to get the best score

  • Experience a biathlon race

  • Attempt to produce a powerful tennis serve

  • Observe your own body in motion using chronophotography

  • Explore the limits and the challenge of surpassing yourself by hearing from athletes

  • Learn about the benefits and risks of sport; get advice on how to improve physical and sporting activity
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