Cats & Dogs, the exhibition (2:48)©EPPDCSI

We have coexisted with dogs and cats for thousands of years, but what do we actually know about them? What are they feeling? How do they perceive the world? Do they understand us? This exhibition looks at recent findings by experts in animal behavior and encourages us to reevaluate everything we know about these animals.


The exhibition is arranged to take visitors on a fun, sensory, and interactive journey through three different topics:


This is an active space where visitors compare their own physical skills to those of the animals, such as speed, agility, capacity to jump. They discover the different range of canine and feline body shape types and observe their characteristics.


Visitors are plunged into an exhibit that puts them on the level of an animal; they are invited to look, listen, and feel like a dog or cat, and to benefit from unique immersive experiments. Emphasis is also placed on animal communication, their expression of emotions, and on human interpretation of their behavior.


Dogs and cats are prevalent in our homes, on our streets, and in our culture. This final section shows visitors the nature of our relationship with these animals over time and the important role they play today in our society. 

  • Note your height when trying to tap the jump buzzer and compare it to that of cats

  • Compare your speed in the slalom course to that of dogs

  • Test your knowledge of dogs and cats

  • Experience what it’s like in the skin of a dog or cat
Some figures

2015 – 2016 - Paris, Cité des sciences et de l’industrie: 154 564 visitors
2016 – 2017 - Toulouse, Muséum d’histoire naturelle: 77 915 visitors
2016 – 2017 - Québec, Musée de la Civilisation: 540 000 visitors
2017 - 2018 - Vienna, Naturhistorisches Museum: 402 279 visitors
2018 - Halifax, Discovery Centre: 37 896 visitors
2018 - Kalamazoo, Valley Museum: 44 533 visitors
2018 - 2019 - Lisbon, Pavilhao do Conhecimento: 217 013 visitors
2019 - Virginia Aquarium Center: 443 670 visitors
2019 - 2020 - Vancouver, Telus World of Science: 216 712 visitors
2019 - 2020 - Rennes, Espace des sciences: 33 450 visitors 
2020 - 2021 - Bordeaux, Cap Sciences: 17 795 visitors
2022 - London, Horniman Museum & Gardens: 27 000 visitors