Upcoming in Paris in 2025

Artificial intelligence

Duality as a guiding principle

Artificial intelligence is characterized by the duality. It is based on the binary system that uses 0 and 1. It copies our behaviors and emotions. Like two sides of the same coin, it benefits our society in many ways, but it can also create new problems and challenges. In a world where AI technology continues evolving, what are we losing and what are we gaining? This exhibition tries to answer these questions. In an immersive monotone design representing the duality and the complexity of AI, visitors find out what AI is, its applications and impacts on our lives, while forming an opinion.

The exhibition sheds light on different aspects of AI, through 5 sections.

  • Section 1 • Start - Stop What is artificial intelligence?
  • Section 2 • 0 – 1 From data to AI
  • Section 3 • Imagination – Reality The imaginary worlds of AI
  • Section 4 • Worse – Better Impacts of AI
  • Section 5 • Human - Machine The future of AI

How Artificial intelligence impacts our lives?

AI use is rapidly growing in our society. It is one of the scientific innovations, which have changed the world. These innovations can shape a better future, but generate new issues at the same time. We have to be aware of its benefits, impacts, and risks. Exhibition Artificial intelligence gives visitors keys to understanding applications and impacts of AI across different industries to allow visitors to rethink their own relationships to AI.

  • Learn about the major stakes involved in AI-enabled technologies

  • Explore applications of AI across different industries.

  • Rethink our relationship with AI.

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