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Fire: Friend or foe? An exhibition to discover the stakes of fire control.

Mastering fire has been of fundamental importance for humanity, profoundly transforming our everyday lives and psychology. Our relationship with fire has evolved over time, yet even today it oscillates between fear and fascination. Fire evokes vitality, conviviality, progress and techniques but also danger and destruction.

  • Taming and using fire: from prehistoric times to today. Fire has been depicted by countless myths and symbols, as it is a tool at the service of man and industry.
  • Understanding fire and research issues: Through chemistry, observe the physics of combustion and flames or the ecology of a forest fire. Discover the challenges of current research and perspectives.
  • Protecting and defending oneself from fire: Synonymous with danger and destruction, fire can destroy as quickly as it can create. Learn about the tools used to fight it, and how to better prevent fires and protect oneself.