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What subject of attention more universal than love?

Enigmatic, the all-powerful driving force behind so many stories, love seems particularly difficult to pin down. "About love" questions this mysterious feeling by relying on scientific and artistic works.

There is no comprehensive scientific theory on love. Yet affection, attachment, sexuality and empathy are conveyed by the same molecules, trigger the secretion of the same hormones and follow the same neural circuits.

The Science Gallery will allow you to approach the subject in seven questions:

  • What is love?
  • Attachment, a bond that protects, a bond that liberates...
  • Online Loves
  • How does the body manifest itself?
  • The art of loving others
  • Proofs of love
  • How is sexuality made?

  • Experiencing and wondering about the multiplicity of love

  • Questioning the scientific mechanisms underlying the expression of love

  • Exploring the figures of attachment in a transdisciplinary and playful way

  • Discovering what love means to those around us 
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The press is talking about it
  • "An exhibition that sheds light on the alchemy of heart and brain."
    Libération, Oct.2019

  • "In addition to the various tests and playful animations, the exhibition approaches the subject in a sensitive and colourful way. Lovers of love, go for it!"
    La Vie, Feb. 2020

  • "The temporary exhibition "On Love" offered by Universcience will attract everyone. Not only tourists and the more curious among you, but also the numerous classes of young people that the modern tone seeks to captivate."
    24 heures" (Switzerland), Feb. 2020

  • "Love is a matter that concerns us all. The exhibition crosses the boundaries of privacy to reveal, through art and science, what lies behind this emotion."
    Le Verdad (Spain), Feb. 2020
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