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An original story to visit, play with and experience!

Fragile! invites you to discover the little world of Windy, Iggy, Folia, Glitch, Woolma, and Roky, respectively a balloon, an egg, a sheet of paper, a bar of soap, a ball of wool and a stone. These six endearing characters have been created for the exhibition, which will take children on multiple adventures that will lead them to experience the concept of fragility. 

In terms of design, the bold choice has been made to use narration so the exhibition is explored and experienced like a story. Moving from chapter to chapter alongside the little characters, children learn and experience fragility through handling and trying out a host of objects and decors that convey the concept.

The tiny ones

Children continue their tour and head off to meet the Tiny Ones. Through audio-visual media, they meet six characters who become their travel buddies along the way, when all of a sudden one of them, Roky the stone, breaks into two pieces. Everything must be done to repair him! The adventure starts here.

The big adventure 

We’re off on the “Big Adventure”: the one where crazy discoveries are made, but adventures are difficult, and challenges must be taken on together. Here, visitors handle their little characters and test out how fragile they are in life-size settings. They can explore the limits of each character and understand how they find solutions that lead to a successful outcome. 

The land of restoria

The adventure is over and now it’s repair time. Thanks to accessories provided like string, plasters, and fabrics..., the children use tips and ideas to give Roky a second lease of life and get him back on his feet. Because repairing also means reinventing, transforming, bringing back to life what has been broken, and at the end of the day, preventing things from being thrown out.

The moral of the story 

The children see Roky with a few scars, but repaired! In a short, three- minute fi lm, he tells the children how this accident changed the way he looks on the outside, but also who he is on the inside. Knowing your weaknesses and moving on with life while having a few cracks helps you come out stronger, bigger and changed. This is what is commonly known as resilience. 

  • Try to save Windy from being stuck in a tree by using seesaw and leg-up games.
  • Transport the characters without having them fall in the “Take me” game.
  • Repair Roky and immortalise the moment in the small theatre.
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