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An exhibition presented at the Cité des sciences et de l'industrie from 8 December 2020 until 8 May 2022.

Discover jeans from every stitch!

Presented as a large sewing workshop, this exhibition offers an opportunity to explore jeans inside and out, understand their success and analyse what is at stake in today's world.

Where do jeans come from?

Before becoming a garment, jean was just fabric. But now, having become a cult object whose legendary origins are linked to gold miners, they are the perfect illustration of a world that has been globalised sometimes to excess. The history of jeans is told through a 600-sq.m exhibition reminiscent of a large industrial sewing workshop. Visit and encounter a wall of buttocks, denim-dressed dolls and a burst of jeans.

Jeans, a universal story

Dive into the wonderful world of jeans, from the Wild West to the present day, with a selection of hundreds of years old American jeans collectibles. The exhibition also features a large audio-visual projection that associates the recent history of jeans with music, protest movements and film icons.

Jeans, a technical garment

Enter the industrial and technical world of clothing. From the cotton harvest to the finished product, all the steps in the manufacturing process are explained in detail. Additionally, the fabric library allows you to explore the variety of denim adaptations.

Jeans and excess...

Over-consumption of water and pesticides in cotton farming, workers' working conditions, over-production and fast fashion are discussed. Additionally, in an immersive projection space, a shocking film sheds a disturbing light on the production and consumption of jeans.

How to achieve ‘clean jeans?’

Choice of fibres, dyeing techniques, production methods and consumption methods are just a few of the many initiatives that exist to reduce the social and environmental impact of jeans.

Jeans and fashion

In this collaborative playground, you will discover the world of fashion by choosing an outfit, passing in front of a green background and taking part in a virtual fashion show on the big screen.

  • Handle the textile, understand its weight, texture and the different types of denims that can be produced in the materials library.
  • Sew virtually your own jeans to discover the different manufacturing steps.
  • Discover, through an immersive installation, the musical and protest movements that have accompanied the history of jeans.
  • Understand the different factors that determine the price of jeans.
  • Make your own fashion show.
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