Presentation video (2:40)

Are you ready for the big chill?

In our modern Western societies, we do not always realize the role of the cold in our daily lives.
The exhibition presents the multiple facets of the cold and immerses the visitor into different worlds: daily life, extreme environments, biology, physics, chemistry, research, technology, science fiction...

The exhibition is divided into three parts:

  • Challenges for the living: How does the human body react in a cold environment? What are the tips for survival? “Extremophile” organisms develop astonishing survival strategies.
  • Challenges for society: Refrigeration, freezing, air conditioning... To what extent has refrigeration technology changed our lives? Coldness goes to the heart of a range of key issues, which can be dietary, sanitary, energy-related or economic.
  • Challenges for science: What are the effects of cold on the subject? The visitor can learn about the idea of “absolute zero”, marvel at the remarkable feats of science, and be surprised by the application of extreme artificial cold.