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Questioning cancers, humans in the service of humanity

The Cancers exhibition invites you to come and delve into this complex topic, examining the many facets of the disease through a series of installations. At present, oncologists no longer speak of cancer but cancers. We can understand the disease from a scientific and medical point of view: the biological mechanisms of cancerisation, the advances in treatment and research. However, we can also examine them from an intimate point of view, in their personal, social and political dimensions. Today, we no longer treat only the diseased organ but the whole being.

The challenges of this exhibition are to put words to, break the silences and dispel the taboos associated with this disease.

In partnership with the French National Cancer Institute (Inca) and in collaboration with INSERM.

  • The high points are five audiovisual installations: the biological description of carcinogenesis, the explosion of the diagnosis disclosure, cancer in the history of evolution, the treatments
    available, and the current state of affairs in terms of research.
  • At the crossroads of these installations, five physical totems offer a collated, specialised message on precise points: detection and diagnosis techniques, support care, returning to work after cancer, preconceived ideas, as well as animals and their fight against the disease.
  • The final part of the exhibition is entirely devoted to prevention.
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